Sunday, October 17, 2021

Great Mother’s Day deals at Dress Den

Looking to get a new outfit for that special woman in your life for Mother’s Day?

Look no further than the Dress Den in Dresden.

“You are going to find everything here what you wish,” said Ewa Wojcik.

“We have tops, dresses, and pants. We have wonderful deals with client friendly prices because we bring everything from Toronto. We have different prices because we bring those.

Ewa said the entire store will have 10% off for Mother’s Day.

“We have also other services,” she said.

“Certified gift certificate. So for $40 you have choices like hot stone massage, cuticle pedicure, facial, steam for the bath, we do reflexology.”

Ewa said they also have premade gift baskets as well.

Dress Den is located at 163 Main St. in Dresden, at the same location as the Euro Wellness Centre.

Here is a sneak-peak of what is up for grabs at the store:





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