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Sydenham District Hospital board set to meet

wallaceburg hospital

The Sydenham District Hospital Board is set to meet on Wednesday afternoon at Wallaceburg’s hospital.

The Sydenham Current will have a reporter in attendance.

Here is the full agenda:

Sydenham District Hospital Board – Board of Directors

Open Agenda May 4th, 2016 4pm – 2 West Board Room, Sydenham District Hospital

1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

2. Conflict of Interest Declarations and Confidentiality Declarations

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meetings

4. Committee Reports

a) Membership Committee – list of members for approval

b) By-Law Committee – appointment of Nominating Committee

5. Communications

a) OHA – Health System Reconfiguration Regional Session – May 27th, 2016

b) You’re Invited – ACCESS Open Minds Chatham-Kent – May 9th, 2016

c) CK CHC – letter of April 27th, 2016 responding to invitation to participate in VISION SESSION on May 18th, 2016

d) Erie St Clair LHIN – Quality of Care Information Protection Act

e) Monte McNaughton, MPP – copy of letter to Dr. E Hoskins, Minister of Health

f) SDH – letter to Gary Switzer, LHIN to advise of approval of Project # 1

g) SDH – letter of April 15th, 2016 to PGH and SJH respecting communications to LHIN

h) PGH and SJH – reply to letter of April 15th, 2016

i) Medical Advisory Committee – letter of April 25th, 2016

6. Governance Consultant Proposals

7. Medical Advisory Committee presentation on re-design of Emergency Services

8. Communication Strategy for May 18th SDH VISION SESSION with area and regional healthcare providers

9. Adjournment and Next Meetings:

a) SDH regular meeting May 18th at 4pm

b) SDH VISION SESSION May 18th 7pm

c) SDH regular meeting June 1st at 4pm

Sydenham District Hospital Board – Board of Directors – In Camera Agenda May 4th, 2016 (to follow open agenda)

In Camera Agenda May 4th, 2016

10. KPMG – appointment of auditors for 2016-2017

11. Medical Advisory Committee – minutes of April 14th, 2016

Watch for coverage on Thursday from the meeting.

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