Wednesday, April 8, 2020

‘Susan’ presents CKHA annual report

ckha annual report

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) has released its 2015/16 annual report.

This year, in honour of the ongoing shift to patient-centred, patient-driven care, CKHA chose to share their annual update with the community through the voice of “Susan”.

“Susan’s a fictional character but her letter to update a loved one about mom’s recent hospital stay reflects many things we hear from our patients throughout the year,” CKHA officials stated.

“In fact, last year we documented 373 thank-you cards from grateful patients and their loved ones. These are a welcome opportunity to celebrate our successes and to seek areas to improve our organization and the care we provide. Moreover, they offer a deserving tribute to our entire team’s contribution to making CKHA an exceptional community hospital.”

To view the 2015/16 Annual Report “Dear June”, click here.

To view Financial Statements, click here.

To view CKHA’s Fast Facts, click here.

At the annual general meetings (AGM) held earlier this week, volunteer boards were appointed as follows:

Public General Hospital:

– Jane Havens, Chair

– Aileen Murray, Vice Chair

– Allan Klinck

– Jim Laforet

– Shirley Davies (Cross appointment from the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres)

St. Joseph’s Health Services Association of Chatham:

– Gail Rumble, Chair

– Mark Isherwood, Vice Chair

– Liz Meidlinger

– Susie Aarssen

– Father Michael Michon

Sydenham District Hospital:

– Sheldon Parsons, Chair

– Conrad Noel, Vice Chair

– Herb John

– Kris Lee

– George Lung

– Rex Isaac

By virtue of their offices, the following are ex-officio members of all three boards:

– Dr. Ranjith Chandrasena, Chief of Medical Staff

– Willi Kirenko, Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive

– Colin Patey, President & CEO, Board Secretary

– Dr. Allison Morand, President, Medical Staff Organization

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