Clear storm sewers of leaves


Now that fall has arrived, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Public Works Department is encouraging residents to do their part to help keep the streets, sidewalks, and catch basins clear of fallen leaves.

The potential for street flooding is greatly increased when catch basins are clogged with leaves and debris. Also, in addition to potentially creating hazardous conditions for our motoring traffic and pedestrians, municipal by-laws prohibit the sweeping or depositing of leaves along the gutter of the street or in the roadway.

To prevent potential flooding issues in your neighborhood, residents are encouraged to collect and dispose of yard waste through one of the following ways:

– Check storm sewers to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.

– Do not remove the grate from the opening – this does not unclog the system.

– Rake leaves away from storm sewers near your house or business. However, please use caution when raking leaves around a storm sewer. If you notice that a storm sewer is not functioning properly, or you feel that it is unsafe to rake the leaves from around the drain, please contact the Chatham-Kent Public Works Department for assistance.

– Leaves and yard waste may be disposed of in plastic bags and set out with your regular trash for pick up. Please remember that these bags will count towards your bag limit with BFI.

– If possible, mow over your leaves to create mulch. This will greatly reduce the amount of fallen leaves to cleanup and your lawn will love it!

– The Municipality of Chatham- Kent owns and operates nine Leaf and Yard Depots located throughout the Municipality. These sites accept yard waste from residents each operating day. You may contact the Waste and Recycling Services Department for more information by calling 519.360.1998 or email

– Residents that have yard service are asked to remind landscaping service companies and yard care providers that leaves must be placed in proper waste bins.

Certain neighborhoods will receive collection of yard waste by Public Works. If your address qualifies for pickup:

– Please have your brush and leaves at the curb no later than 7:00 am the day of collection. Loose brush must be piled in an orderly fashion and bundles should not exceed 5ft x 3ft x 3ft. Limit of 1-2 cubic metres if placed at the curb loose or a maximum of four bundles. Tree limbs must not exceed 5 inches in diameter.

– Do not mix items such as wood, brick or brush with the leaves as they can damage equipment or injure workers.

– Help reduce potential flooding by keeping curbside storm sewers clear of leaves.

– Help our crews by removing cars from the street during leaf pickup.

The co-operation of residents and business owners is needed to efficiently complete these operations. For more information on the Chatham-Kent Public Works Department and other municipal services, visit

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