Colleen’s beautiful story of living at the Chatham-Kent Hospice


The Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation has launched a new fall campaign and to go along with the new fundraising initiative, they are sharing the story of one of their clients:

‘I’m Still Me’ – Colleen’s Story

Hi, my name is Colleen and I live at Chatham-Kent Hospice.

Before moving to Hospice, I lived on my own, however, I have severe COPD and my lung capacity declined to 15% making it impossible to care for myself.

The move to Hospice was initiated by a bout of pneumonia that almost took my life. In fact, my family didn’t think I was going to make it but somehow I did and it was recommended that I move to Chatham-Kent Hospice.

The wonderful care I have received at Hospice, both physical and emotional, has not only given me quality of life but, I believe, extended my life.

When I say I live at Hospice, I want to stress the word ‘live’. I enjoy watching television, knitting, and drawing and I love to go outside in the courtyard to sit in the afternoon sun with a glass of wine and a good book.

My family and friends can visit at any time and we have enjoyed several family dinners in the dining room including a roast beef dinner, Chinese food takeout and a graduation celebration for my granddaughter.

At first my family and friends were nervous about coming to Hospice because they thought it would be dark and depressing. They thought I would be ‘out of it’ both physically and mentally but when they came, they were pleasantly surprised.

The staff and volunteers here are like my guardian angels. If I need anything, they will get it for me. Because I know they are here, I’m not afraid anymore and that is not only a comfort to me, but to my loved ones as well.

I recently had the opportunity to watch a caterpillar go through its life cycle and become a butterfly. It was amazing watching it go through the various stages from a fuzzy caterpillar into a cocoon then transform into a beautiful butterfly.

I can relate to the butterfly because I too have gone through many stages in my life. As I enter the final stage of my life, Hospice is helping me live each day to the fullest.

This is a wonderful place, and if you or a loved one is entering the final stage in life, I want to tell you to consider living at Hospice. You will be glad you did.

New fundraising campaign

Jodi Maroney, the Executive Director of the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation, said they have launched a brand new campaign.

“The goals of the campaign are two fold,” Maroney said.

“We are looking at raising money to help offset the cost of ongoing expenses that are not covered by the government funding we receive. We are also educating people on the benefits of a residential hospice.

Maroney added: “We are looking at raising $300,000 this fall. Our Hospice Benefit Gala in October raised almost $30,000 and so far, the campaign is going well.”

Maroney said there are many different ways you can support the Hospice.

“You can make a one-time gift that can be done in memory or in honour of someone if you wish,” she said. “We have also introduced the ‘Hospice of Heroes’ monthly giving program. It’s a convenient way to provide ongoing support to the Hospice. Your monthly gift can be made by credit card or directly from your bank account.”

What the Hopsice is all about

Maroney said the Hospice provides support for people who have a terminal illness and their families.

“What differentiates it from other health care services is that it provides not only care for the patient but also provides care for the families,” she said.

“We ensure our residents are comfortable and pain free but we also help residents and their loved ones deal with emotional, spiritual and psychological needs as well.”

Maroney said in just six months the Hospice has served over 100 families.

“So there is definitely a need for end-of-life care in our community.”

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