Thursday, July 2, 2020

April is oral health month


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As April is coming to an end, so is Oral health month 2017. You have likely seen a lot of reminders about the importance of having and keeping a healthy mouth.

Daily brushing, flossing and healthy eating are a big part of keeping your mouth healthy…but so is going to your dental office for check-ups, exams and cleanings.

Pain and disease in the mouth can affect how a person lives and their overall health. It is hard to function when in constant pain with a toothache. Poor oral health has also been linked with diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Oral Health is important for persons’ overall well-being. If you have dental coverage with your workplace, ask your employer to explain your benefits to you. Let your dentist office know of any coverage you think you have. Ask your dental office about payment options that are available to you.

Children in Ontario, 0 to 18, can get dental treatment at no cost. Healthy Smiles Ontario supports low income families to get dental treatment for children 17 and under. If taking your children for regular checkups is difficult, there is help. Creating a good habit of going to the dental office at an early age can prevent oral health problems later in life. Unfortunately at this time there is no help for adults and seniors for dental care.

Children living in a family receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability have a Healthy Smiles card. If you do not have this card call Healthy Smiles Ontario at 1-844-296-6306 to have a new card sent to you. With your Healthy Smiles card book your child at a dental office of your choice.

The Oral health team here at Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit are here to help apply for Healthy Smiles Ontario and answer dental questions. First checkups, exams, fluoride, sealants, cleanings and oral hygiene education are available at Public Health. For more information on these services or Healthy Smiles Ontario please contact us.

We offer dental services in Tilbury, Wallaceburg and Chatham locations.

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