Sunday, July 5, 2020

C-K: Swimming pool fencing a priority

All outdoor swimming pools within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent must be fenced or enclosed as required by the Chatham-Kent Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law #125-2008, Chatham-Kent officials say.

This important safety feature is required for pools that have a depth of more than 24 in (60 cm) at any point, have a surface area greater than 10.8 sq. ft. (1 square meter), or pools that are not completely inside a building.

The fence shall not be less than 5 ft. (1.5 m) in height.

Additionally, the fence must have a gate with a self-closing device and a self-latching lock placed at the top and inside of the gate.

The fence shall be constructed and maintained so that no access to the swimming pool may be made except through the gate.

When an adult is not present outdoors in the area of the swimming pool to supervise, the owner of an outdoor swimming pool shall ensure that all gates are closed and locked.

“The Municipality of Chatham-Kent requires that pools be properly fenced with the safety of our residents in mind.” said Paul Lacina, Director of Building and Development Services.

“With the nicer weather coming, we expect to see more inflatable pools without fences. Although these pools are a great way to cool off they pose a serious safety issue, especially to small children, when not properly secured with a fence.”

Municipal By-law Officers are actively enforcing the Chatham-Kent Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law which carries a penalty of up to $5000 for failing to properly fence a swimming pool as well as smaller fines for non-compliance.

For further information on the Chatham-Kent Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law, please contact the Municipality of Chatham-Kent at 519-360-1998.


  1. Funny how they have these by laws and when you try to abide by them they don’t seem to want to do their job. Lazy municipality. We moved here about four years ago and have a pool in our yard with a privacy fence. However, our neighbours have a junk pile on the other side of our fence that allows access for someone to climb it. As I have observed children hanging over the top of our 6ft+ fence before. I fought with the city for over a year trying to get this property cleaned up to no avail. It sits in bad shape as of today. Contacted city Jeff Wesley and Carmen McGregor myself and just received excuses after excuses. Never once did they send a company to clean the property and charge the owner which is what I was told would eventually happen. Apparently other neighbours have been complaining about this property for a very long time as well…..I guess it all about who you know.

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