Tuesday, April 7, 2020

NHL ‘playoff beard’ challenge launched

Chatham-based business Smellis Beard Oil is challenging beard owners to share pictures of their growing beards during the NHL 2019 Playoffs.

Similar to initiatives like Movember and “playoff beards” the Hockey Beard Challenge is a fun way for hockey lovers to share their beards-in-progress on social media to win prizes.

Organizer and Smellis owner Sally Ellis says it’s easy to participate.

“Anyone who wants to participate in the challenge can a photo of their beard and post it on their Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #CKHOCKEYBEARD,” Ellis said in a press release.

“It could even be a friend or family member’s beard. Participants gain points for every photo they share between now and the Stanley Cup Finals. A prize pack will be given to the person who has the most points. We’ll be hosting an exclusive party at Sons of Kent Brewing during the finals, and proceeds of that event will go to House of Hope. We’ll also have a panel of judges determine who has the Most Hockey Beard at the event.”

Ellis says she makes and sells beard oil and facial hair care products for men, and the event is a way for her to launch her business to the public.

“I’ve been totally involved in the complexity and combination of natural aromas,” she said.

“It’s a hobby for me right now, but I hope to grow the business over the next few months. This Hockey Beard Challenge is fun for me because it’s directly related to the focus of my business.”

The challenge is in partnership with several other local businesses, including Sons of Kent, Mathew Ray Films, and 519 Events & Promotions.

Ellis says it’s important to support as many local businesses as you can.

That’s why she chose Sons of Kent as the location for the after party and Mathew Ray Films for the Video and 519 Events & Promotions to do what they do best – promote.

“We’ll be selling tickets for our event at Sons of Kent once we have a better idea of when the Stanley Cup finals will be. We hope to have all of our Hockey Beard Challenge participants come out and drink some Sons of Kent beer, win prizes, and just have a good time,” Ellis added.

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