Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Public school board recalling 82 teachers

The Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) will begin the process to recall 82 teachers as per the typical staffing and budgeting processes.

The LKDSB received the Grants for Student Needs Technical Paper on May 24, which provides clarification for school boards regarding individual funding allocations.

Based on the details outlined in the grant funding allocations, as well as the attrition protection funding to support funding shortfalls due to staffing reductions related to retirements, resignations and employees transitioning to different roles, the LKDSB will recall 41 secondary and 41 elementary teachers to positions for which they are qualified.

“We are proud of our dedicated staff and we are pleased to be able to recall 82 teachers,” said Jane Bryce, LKDSB Chair.

“We understand these are challenging times. Based on the funding reductions, changes to class sizes and declining enrolment, we know that schools may be staffed differently than previous years. As we continue to work through our staffing and budgeting processes, we remain committed to providing and maintaining supports for students in schools.”

Due to the LKDSB’s contractual obligations, the Board was required to inform teaching staff of any staffing changes prior to the release of the Grants for Student Needs and Technical Paper.

The LKDSB believes that changes in funding for class sizes, the loss of the Local Priorities Grant and the anticipated attrition of teachers who retire or voluntarily leave the board and will not be replaced, along with the impact of declining enrolment, will result in an anticipated overall decrease in the total number of teachers in the system during the four-year implementation of these changes.

The LKDSB also expects these funding changes will continue to have a direct impact on programming, particularly in its rural schools which are experiencing a significant decline in enrolment.

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