Thursday, August 13, 2020

Councillor wants 1-million trees planted in C-K

A South Kent Councillor is hoping to have 1-million trees planted across the Municipality of Chatham-Kent in the next four years.

Councillor Anthony Ceccacci brought forward a notice of motion at the October 7 Council meeting, which focused on tree cover in C-K.

Anthony Ceccacci

“Chatham-Kent recognizes the significance of tree cover as an important part of a balanced and healthy ecosystem,” Ceccacci said in his motion.

“Chatham-Kent has less than six per cent natural cover, including trees, wetlands, grassland and pollinator habitat, the lowest percentage for an upper tier municipality in Ontario.”

With approval from Council, Ceccacci is hoping to direct municipal staff to prepare a report with the aim of:

– Planting a minimum of one million trees within four years.

– Identifying public lands than can be used to support this initiative.

– Identifying best practices from other municipalities on this subject.

– Identifying ways to incentivize land owners to plant and maintain tree cover and other natural habitat

– Identifying any potential community partners who can help the municipality achieve its goal.

“It is important ecologically to reduce fragmentation of such cover and increase wildlife corridors and wherever possible establish grass buffer strips to keep soil on the land and out of our drains and waterways,” Ceccacci said in his motion.

“We believe there is a role the municipality can play in partnering and consulting with conservation groups, community partners and private landowners.”

Ceccacci’s motion is on the agenda and will be discussed at the upcoming Council meeting on Monday, November 4.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

If his motion is approved, Ceccacci is requesting a report from staff to be presented at the November 18 Council meeting.

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