Sunday, July 5, 2020

C-K Council meeting being proposed for Wallaceburg

A Municipality of Chatham-Kent Council meeting would be held in Wallaceburg this upcoming spring, if a staff report receives approval on Monday night.

Administration is recommending that the concept of Council meetings in all wards continue for the remainder of the 2018-2022 term of Council in the following locations:

– Spring 2020 – Wallaceburg (Ward 5)

– Fall 2020 – Ridgetown (Ward 3)

– Spring 2021 – Dresden (Ward 4)

– Fall 2021 – Blenheim (Ward 2)

Staff said in a report that a recent pilot meeting held in Tilbury was a success.

“On October 7, 2019, the Chatham-Kent Council meeting was held at the Tilbury Ryder Hall,” a staff report indicates.

“This was the first time a Council meeting was held in an alternative location other than Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, Chatham. Overall, the meeting went well with good attendance from the public.”

Staff said it was recognized that the following improvements for future meetings held throughout the municipality could be sought:

– Utilize a separate room for closed session and dinner.

– Project motions on wall/screen as to what is being voted on.

– Improve the quality of the presentation projected on wall/screen.

– Ensure location has internet access.

“Costs of (the Tilbury) Council meeting include the use, delivery and setup of microphones amounted to $706.85,” staff said in a report.

“In addition, Council meal was approximately $300 more than a meetings held in Chatham due to the price per plate. Mileage for members of Council and administration will be covered in the current departmental budgets. Due to the hall being a municipal facility there was no rental or set up charges incurred. Therefore, the total cost of the Council meeting held at Ryder Hall in Tilbury was $1,000. This amount was covered by the Strategic Reserve.”

Staff said it is recognized that Council meetings held in an outlying area should not be a combined meeting due to frequent deputations on planning applications from across the municipality.

The Clerk’s Office will continue to take the lead on booking the facilities, equipment, and communicate with the required departments to ensure the council meetings run as efficiently as possible, the staff report says.

Council is set to vote on the recommendations at their Monday, November 18 Council meeting.

It is set to begin at 6 p.m.

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