Sunday, March 29, 2020

Celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day

Canada’s Agriculture Day is back. Last year, the entire ag industry gathered at hundreds of events across the country, shared our pride, opened doors to new food conversations, and trended nationally on Twitter. The day has grown every year, and we can’t wait to do the same together in 2020!

Join us on February 11 as we raise a fork to the food we love. With more events, more conversations and more connections in 2020, you can make the celebration better than ever.

Connecting with consumers
Canada’s Agriculture Day is a time to showcase all the amazing things happening in the industry and help consumers see the connection to where their food comes from and the people who produce it. Consumers want to learn more, and this day is a great way to start the conversation, in person and online.

Here are just a few ways you can get involved:
• Post a photo, make a video, or write a blog. Share what you’re doing on social media – and use the hashtag #CdnAgDay.
• Host a potluck and encourage your friends to use all-Canadian ingredients.
• Teach someone something new about agriculture. Share your knowledge and story with others.

These ideas are only suggestions – feel free to come up with your own ways to share your passion for ag and inspire others to join the conversation. It’s all about celebrating Canadian agriculture and food in engaging, fun and respectful ways.

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