Friday, February 26, 2021

Nuclear safety tablets now available in Tilbury and Wheatley

Following the launch of the Potassium Iodide (KI) tablet program in December 2019, CK Public Health recognized the need for these preventative medications to be available on an ongoing basis within the affected communities.

Beginning on February 3, 2020, KI tablets were made available at the Tilbury Municipal Office and Wheatley Municipal Information Desk to individuals that live within 80kms from two nuclear power plants in the USA; Enrico Fermi II located outside Monroe, MI and Davis-Besse located outside Oak Harbor, OH.

Eligible persons may pick up their tablets anytime during normal business hours.

Distribution to affected Rondeau Provincial Park addresses within 80kms of the Perry nuclear power plant in Perry, OH will occur in the spring once cottagers return and are able to ensure proper storage of the tablets.

“Taking these tablets during a nuclear event will load your thyroid gland with stable iodine, which is a very important element that we need to create some of our hormones,” Municipal officials said in a press release.

“This will prevent any radioactive iodine from being taken up by your thyroid gland and will help prevent the risk of thyroid cancer or other thyroid illnesses later in life.”

The tablets are most beneficial to persons under the age of 40 but are available to any individual that resides within the eligible zone and wishes to receive them, Municipal officials say.

“An order to take the tablets would come from Provincial authorities and would include other instructions to follow at the time,” Municipal officials stated.

“CK Public Health officials stress that we are at no greater risk of a nuclear incident today than previously and this KI tablet program is simply an enhancement in our safety and precautionary practices.”

Eligible residents can pre-order their tablets by calling 519-360-1998 or by using the online ordering system at

Any eligible residents who choose to receive the tablets will also receive a handbook with instructions on when to take them, how to store them, as well as other general emergency information.

“This program will be ongoing as long as these power plants continue to operate,” Municipal officials stated.

“Annual communication campaigns will continue to inform the public of this initiative and replacement of the tablets will occur as current stocks expire.”

For more information, residents are encouraged to call 519-360-1998, visit or email

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