Thursday, April 9, 2020

TBT: ‘River Racing’ in Wallaceburg

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It’s Throwback Thursday once again!

Above is an old photograph of River Racing in Wallaceburg

River racing was once very popular in Wallaceburg. Owing its popularity to the excellent connecting waterways, boat racing was once a very important activity in the Summer months. The boat races became a tradition at Dominion Day, Civic Holiday, and Labour Day. There was always a tremendous crowd. Every type of craft from rowboats, canoes to out boards and speed boats were raced.

The expensive speed boats seemed to be the main feature. In the late 1940 the Wallaceburg Boat Club was organized, featuring regular outboard races every Monday. The course was laid out between the library turning basin and Selkirk Bridge. Boat racing remained popular throughout the 50’s until a gradual dwindling of interest was detected in the latter part of the decade. Some of the older folk may recall the most famous boat race ever held in the local area, in 1933. The international Harmsworth challenge race between England and the United States was staged on the St. Clair River of Port Lambton. The famed Gar Wood of Algonac piloted his Miss America to victory.

Thanks to Wallaceburg & District Museum for the photograph!

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