Friday, January 15, 2021

COVID-19 Assessment Centre update, hospital specific data available

Local hospital officials are reminding the public that the last appointment of the day is now at 4 p.m. at the CKHA COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) launched its COVID-19 Assessment Centre at 47 Emma Street in Chatham on March 19, 2020 under the direction of Ontario Health, West Region.

The goal of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre is to build capacity to respond to individuals experiencing symptoms which could be caused by COVID-19 in the municipality of Chatham-Kent, and to separate testing away from the hospital, CKHA officials say.

After assessing demand and capacity during the first two weeks of operation, the COVID-19 Assessment Centre will now register the last patient of the day at 4 p.m., hospital officials say.

The first appointment of the day will remain at 9 a.m.

If you arrive after 4 p.m., please do not present to the Emergency Department, CKHA officials said in a press release.

“Return home to self-isolate and come back to the assessment centre in the morning,K hospital officials stated.

“CKHA is reiterating additional reminders to the community to ensure the COVID-19 Assessment Centre can continue to operate as efficiently as possible.”

Hospital officials are encouraging people to take note of the following:

– This is not a walk-in clinic, if you think you have symptoms related to COVID-19 please call your primary care provider, CK Public Health or Telehealth Ontario. They will discuss your symptoms and travel history and can advise if you should attend the assessment centre.

– If you need to come to the assessment centre, please bring your Health Card with you. This helps staff working at the assessment centre properly identify you.

– Please bring a list of medications and any other information regarding allergies and past medical issues.

– Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the last patient will be seen at 4 p.m.

– If you arrive after 4 p.m., please do not present to the Emergency Department. Return home to self-isolate and come back to the assessment centre in the morning.

CKHA’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located at 47 Emma Street, next to the Chatham site.

“Please park in the lot adjacent to the building,” hospital officials stated.

“Free parking is available during hours of operation.”

Individuals concerned about symptoms that could be caused by COVID-19 can complete a self-assessment provided by the Ministry of Health online at:

Updated COVID-19 hospital specific data now available on CKHA website

The CKHA has created an easy-to-access link to data on hospitalized COVID-19 patients and other hospital-specific information.

“The daily upload of data is in response to increased demand for local hospital numbers and to allow quick, easy access for local media looking for the latest hospital statistics,” CKHA officials stated.

The data will include:

– Total number of individuals seen and swabbed in the CKHA assessment centre, ER and inpatient units

– Total number of tests pending

– Total number of patients who had a positive result

– Current # of in-patients in hospital who have COVID-19 positive result unresolved

– Current # of in-patients in hospital with suspected/test pending for COVID-19

– Total # of patients deceased in hospital from COVID-19

The information can be found at:

“We will attempt to refresh these statistics by late afternoon… time permitting,” hospital officials stated.

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