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With Philips Lifeline, your loved ones are never truly alone

Most seniors want peace of mind and to remain in control of their independence.

They don’t want an accidental fall or medical emergency to jeopardize their ability to live independently at home.

The reality is: You never know if you’re going to need help.

“I’m home alone all the time, but the Philips Lifeline device makes me feel secure. I’d definitely recommend it” – Judy, subscriber.

These days of social distancing are challenging for everyone, but seniors can be especially vulnerable. Many are literally alone 24 hours a day. Here’s an important question to think about: If your loved one fell tonight and couldn’t get up, how would they get help?

How many times have you heard a story where someone fell and lay in their home for days before they got help. Or had a heart attack and just couldn’t get to the phone. It’s a sad but all too common story, however it is avoidable.

“Without this service, Mom would have laid on the floor for at least two hours. Lifeline was a blessing” – Maria, caregiver.

Philips Lifeline, in partnership with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation, provides a simple medical alert service to get quick access to help. By wearing a lightweight button, your loved one has access to a trained Response Associate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Philips Lifeline has the solution for your loved one

HomeSafe Standard: Help at the press of a button in and around your home. Ideal Candidate: Designed for people who spend much of their time at home and want to be able to access emergency help at any time of the day or night simply by pushing a button.

HomeSafe Standard with AutoAlert: The FIRST medical alert pendant that can call for help even when you can’t. Ideal Candidate: An excellent choice for those with a history, risk, or fear of falling. AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls.

GoSafe with AutoAlert: It’s the medical alert system that gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Ideal Candidate: At-risk patients who want to remain active and independent can have peace of mind – at home or on the go. Certain limitations subject to third party cellular provider availability and coverage. Signal range may vary.

Lifeline with Wandering: Caregivers can receive smartphone notifications and updates on their loved one’s whereabouts. Ideal Candidate: Family members overseeing the care of a loved one who can live independently but also has a tendency to wander, gets lost easily or gets confused in crowds. Device must be used as directed Button must be worn, adequately charged, and within range of a third-party cellular network. Availability of network not guaranteed. Tracking signal sent approx. every five (5) minutes while moving; once (1) per hour if no movement detected.

If you are concerned about a loved one, why not call to see if Philips Lifeline can help.

Philips Lifeline in partnership with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation.


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