Monday, March 1, 2021

‘May 16th Miracle’ food drive planned across C-K (Video)

A group of community leaders and business owners are volunteering their time to lead a Chatham-Kent-wide food drive on May 16 in collaboration with the United Way.

The May 16th Miracle project is asking every resident to place a non perishable food item on their doorstep at 12 p.m., and all donations will be given to food banks and organizations across the community.

Organizers say drop-off locations will be available for those living in rural areas.

The COVID-19 crisis has created a shortage of volunteers and donations, leaving a portion of the population in a vulnerable position.

When it comes to food banks, many of the shelves are bare.

“Food banks across Chatham-Kent are running very low, if not empty in some cases,” stated Reverend Tim Joyce, Blenheim Word of Life Church, in a press release.

“Demand has been high, which in normal circumstances, we can handle, however with this pandemic the food banks never had a chance to prepare for the increased pressure on their resources. There is great need now to bring these food banks back up to normal and above normal food levels. Food banks, soup kitchens are the last hope for many of our most vulnerable citizens.”

May 16 Miracle CK from GATTA Creative on Vimeo.

On May 16, the goal is to achieve 100% participation from all residents who can make a food donation and to stock the shelves of local food banks and organizations, organizers say.

Wes Thompson, one of the driving forces behind the initiative, believes this is a great way for everyone to help in a big way.

“I know that people in Chatham-Kent want to help, and this is a small gesture that will make a big difference,” Thompson said in a media release.

A media toolkit is available on the May 16th Miracle website for anyone who wants to join in sharing this message.

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