Monday, March 8, 2021

Gearing up for the May 16th Miracle

Communities across Chatham-Kent are gearing up for Saturday’s May 16th Miracle, which is being labeled as the community’s largest food drive ever.

A video conference was held for volunteers in Wallaceburg on Tuesday evening, May 12.

Stuart McFadden, who is captaining the event in Wallaceburg with his wife Tammy and sons Brayden and Bronson, led the call and went over some preliminary details ahead of Saturday’s event.

McFadden said he anticipates 150 to 175 volunteers to be helping gather food items across Wallaceburg.

A total of $4,000 in cash has already been donated as well, McFadden added.

He said all of the food donations made in Wallaceburg will support the food banks in Wallaceburg, along with the various food programs being held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are being encouraged to leave non-perishable food items by their front door by 12 p.m. on Saturday, May 16. The team of volunteers, who will be divided up into different sections across the community, will go door-to-door to gather the items.

McFadden said social distancing protocols will be followed throughout the entire process.

The old Sobey’s parking lot and Southside Fitness on McNaughton Avenue in Wallaceburg will be drop-off locations for the volunteers on Saturday. James Street Eatery in downtown Wallaceburg is already acting as a drop-off location for the initiative.

Jame Bolos, owner of James Street Eatery, went over the details in an interview with Dana Haggith. Listen, below:

Another conference call is planned for the Wallaceburg group on Thursday evening.

Dresden’s Stuart Kiar participated in Tuesday’s conference call as well. Watch for a story on the Sydenham Current providing details about Dresden’s May 16th Miracle plans as well.

There is still time to sign up as a volunteer for the Chatham-Kent-wide event.

Fore more details, or to sign up, visit:

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