Monday, June 1, 2020

Kate Van Campen of Wallaceburg

“Now there you go, I’m gone!.

I would dearly love to do an encore, but this last act was sorta final.

Thanks dad for letting me use your introduction.

I have joined mom and dad (Joan and Hugh) and my brother Kelly.

I’m survived by my husband, best friend Bill of 43 years.

I’m also survived by my boys Jake aka guy in the hat or bubble man.

I know our journey has been a tough one but always remember I love you and I have enjoyed your recent visits.

Then there’s Joe, I will miss you calling me and asking for advice as I did with my mom but I will always remember when you told me when you hair is curly that you were in love and I thought with my curls I have been in love for a lifetime.

So thanks you two for everything.

Now there are grandkids, I want to say thanks to Reece and Penelope for taking such good care of me while I was sick.

I have always been Impressed with Reece, I’m sure with the gift of gab you will always be successful at whatever you want to do.

Penelope I always loved that you always know what you want and that were a girly girl.

I always loved shopping for you.

Remember girls can never have enough shoes.

I will miss seeing you two grow up but remember I will be watching.

Then there’s Chloe and Seth who have brought me some great memories.

Chloe some of my fondest memories of you were when we pulled up a chair to the counter and we baked goodies.

Now Seth had a quick wit and you always made me laugh.

I also leave behind my siblings Mike (Gigi), Susan (Quentin) and Dan (Marlene) I will miss you and most of all I will miss our social gathering so remember to set a chair for me whenever you get together because I will always be there.

I will also miss the in laws Len, Pepi and Mary-Ann, George I have always enjoyed your company.

I would also like to mention our adopted daughters from other families; Chrissy I’m so happy for you and your family, all the best.

Many thanks to Katee – Joy for your visits and great conversation.

I will miss you this summer but remember I will always be with you.

A special goodbye to our besties Karen and Dave (thanks for so many memories; they will always be with me).

A big hug to all our friends and neighbours for all that you have done for me.

A special thanks to Dave and Bonnie and all the ladies of girls night out.

You ladies cracked me up so thanks for the laughs and the great company.

There have been many heath care people in the past two years that have helped and you were all great.

Thanks to all the nurses and doctors in Wallaceburg, Chatham and London.

Thanks Dr. Dudley for everything.”

Love and miss you all


I will miss you

One of the hardest things that has ever been

required of me was the day that I had to let you go

as the angels carried you up to heaven.

Love Bill

The late Kate Van Campen rested at the Eric F. Nicholls Funeral Home Ltd. 639 Elgin St., Wallaceburg.

Following her wishes, cremation will take place and a celebration of life will be held at a later date.

As an expression of sympathy, donations to the War Amps may be left at the funeral home.


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