Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Canoeists rescued near Rondeau Provincial Park

Chatham-Kent OPP officials allege: On June 15, 2020, at approximately 11:43 a.m., Chatham Kent members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a report of two canoeists who capsized approximately 800 metres from shore between Shrewsbury and Rondeau Park.

A paddle-boarder who was accompanying the canoeists called police, who arrived on the scene.

Police, with the assistance of two youths, reached the canoeists in distress and directed a Chatham Kent Fire and Emergency Services (CKFES) rescue boat to their location.

The CKFES boat brought the canoeists to shore.

Both parties were wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and did not sustain injury.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Trenton (JRCC) was advised of the incident, but was ultimately not required for the rescue operation.

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