Saturday, February 27, 2021

Cyclops recovering well after eye surgery

During the second week of September, a concerned citizen brought in a kitten whom he said had a bad eye injury.

When the small feline was taken out of his carrier, the staff at Pet and Wildlife Rescue were taken aback by the severity of his ocular injury.

A surgery was then immediately booked to relieve this charismatic little guy of his pain.

His operation a success, Cyclops is currently living his best life in his foster home receiving lots of love from his foster family (and resident cats!) while he recovers.

He is adapting very well to life with only one eye, running and playing freely now that he is pain-free.

His foster mom says that Cyclops is a literal ginger-striped ray of sunshine, purring every single time he makes eye contact with anyone, and is always interested in a good snuggle.

Cyclops has melted a heart or two already and the local owners of another one eye feline has reached out to adopt him once he is healed.

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