Saturday, February 27, 2021

Charles Sampson elected as Chief of Walpole Island First Nation

A new Chief has been elected by the members of Walpole Island First Nation.

Charles (Chaz) Sampson captured the most votes for the office of Chief, gathering a total of 339 votes.

Long-time Chief Dan Miskokomon finished second in the race with 298 votes.

Mino Giizhgad (Chris Riley) finished third with 176 votes, Steve Tooshkenig finished fourth with 171 votes, Lorne Loulas was fifth with 66 votes, Alexandre Nahdee was sixth with 21 votes and Clem Hall rounded out the field with five votes.

A total of 1,076 votes were cast for Chief, with 11 ballots being rejected.

Newcomer Elaine Wrightman was the top vote getter for the newly elected Council, as she gathered 510 votes.

Also newly elected to Council were Marsha Miskokomon, Kennon Johnson, Lee Jacobs, Tyler White, Cody Miskokomon, Burton Kewayosh and Bree-Ann Thompson.

Re-elected to Council were Lyle Johnson, Valarie Wabosse, Neva Isaac-Sands and Ron Soney.

A total of 1,070 votes were cast for Council, with 17 ballots rejected.

“This count was diligently conducted in accordance with the Indian band Election Regulations,” Walpole Island First Nation officials said on social media.

Watch for more on this story later this week.

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