Sunday, October 25, 2020

Winter the rabbit is recovering, heading to forever home

Winter was brought into the Chatham animal shelter as a stray at the end of July by compassionate people who were able to capture her as she roamed freely about a Chatham neighborhood.

Many people do not realize that domesticated rabbits are very unsuited to life outdoors and often succumb to predators, parasites and injuries.

Often, setting them free is a death sentence for these social and intelligent animals.

Winter herself was plagued with over a hundred tiny ticks and covered in fleas.

She also suffered from a serious eye infection.

Staff members spent a month and a half looking after Winter until she was strong and healthy enough to be spayed.

She is currently sporting a very elegant bunny donut, the equivalent of a dog or cat cone, as she is recovering from her surgery and will be heading to her forever home in a few days.

We wish her many happy zoomies and binkies at her new home!

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