Thursday, October 29, 2020

Upcoming plans at The Black Goose

Although November is a couple weeks away, just want to give you an idea of what we are planning. Mondays will be our Senior night where we offer free pie, rice pudding or ice cream with all entrees for those 55 and over. Triple Toonie Tuesday will be back on Tuesdays and Wing night returns on Wednesdays. We will be featuring an apple pomegranate salad, stuffed chicken and a smothered chopped sirloin, available every day in November. We are also adding items to our menu and of course, we will be offering free meals to veterans the day before or the day after Remembrance Day. We have found in the past that veterans are too busy the day of Remembrance Day to take time to enjoy a nice meal so this should make it a bit easier. We have had many folks with questions about the Salvation Army Luncheon. We still plan on making something happen but we are still working on the logistics. We also plan to team up with the local churches to provide Christmas dinners for those in need on Christmas Eve and we will be offering Christmas dinners for families to purchase similar to what we did at Thanksgiving. For New Year’s Eve, we will be doing a meal similar to what we did last year for Valentine’s Day. It will be a five course meal with multiple options. Details to follow. This concludes my long-winded spiel.

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