Sunday, March 7, 2021

Secondary plan for Wallaceburg’s southside moving forward

Municipality of Chatham-Kent Council gave the green light to move forward with a secondary plan for Wallaceburg’s southside.

The report from staff was approved as part of the consent agenda during the electronic Council meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020.

With the approval, a request for proposals will be issued to kick start the plan.

A staff report indicates the RFP will be issued this year, with the consultant selection and project start-up occurring early next year and a final plan to be considered by Council by end of summer 2021.

Wallaceburg Councillor Aaron Hall said he was “excited to share the news” in a post on social media.

“First of all, a BIG thank-you to the former Wallaceburg Community Task Force for providing an excellent deputation at (Monday’s) meeting,” Hall said.

“The dedication and work this group did over a decade ago is still being felt in a positive way in our community today. It’s great to see this concept moving forward, as this project is something the Task Force has wanted to see come to fruition for a number of years.”

Hall added: “It was great to see (well, hear I suppose) your group back in the public eye. I look forward to ongoing feedback and contributions from this group moving forward. Your leadership and expertise is valued and welcomed as we move forward with this.”

See the full deputation from the former Wallaceburg Community Task Force, here:

Aaron Hall, Facebook

Aaron Hall, Facebook

Hall also thanked Municipal staff members Bruce McAllister, Stuart McFadden and Ryan Jacques for bringing the idea forward and providing a “thorough and informative” report.

“Lastly, thank-you to all of Council for their support,” Hall said.

“It means a lot to our community. I firmly believe that this Secondary Plan ‘has the potential to support all areas of strategic focus & critical success factors’ for Chatham-Kent, which is noted in the report,” Hall wrote.

“I feel this secondary plan is a solid first step forward toward maximizing the potential this part of our community offers, not just along the waterfront, but into the greater southside area in the proposed project scope.”

Have a look at this map, which outlines the proposed project scope:

Municipality of Chatham-Kent

A staff report indicates the work on the secondary plan would be funded from planning services’ base budget for special projects and it is anticipated that the scope of work can be completed in the range of $50,000 to $75,000.

“Councillor (Carmen) McGregor and I will look forward to further public consultation on this and engagement,” Hall said.

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