Friday, February 26, 2021

Regional hospital information system coming to CKHA

Patients at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) can look forward to even better care at their local hospital thanks to Cerner Millennium®, a new Hospital Information System (HIS) introduced to the region by the e-VOLVE Program at TransForm Shared Service Organization (TransForm).

The new HIS is now live at Erie Shores HealthCare in Leamington and beginning November 1, patients at CKHA’s Chatham and Wallaceburg sites and Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) will see the same benefits.

“The new Hospital Information System that CKHA and neighbouring hospitals are implementing is a system that has been built by and for our region,” stated Lori Marshall, President and CEO, CKHA, in a media release.

“Together with supports from TransForm, our teams have been involved in making this system one that will benefit our patients and clinicians alike. I’m so proud of our team and regional partners who have been working diligently to develop and ready this system. We’re looking forward to going live on November 1.”

Hospital officials say this program is more than just launching new technology to replace an old, outdated system.

This clinical transformation project will improve the communications between clinicians and patients using a regional electronic health record.

Patients can expect their information to be collected in a new and upgraded computer system.

In addition, medications will now be confirmed electronically using Workstations on Wheels and finally, their information will be shared instantly and securely between members of the care team, increasing timely decision-making.

“This is an exciting time for us at CKHA as we undergo one of our most significant clinical transformations,” stated Lisa Northcott, Vice President, People and Chief Nursing Executive, CKHA, in a media release.

“The new system will ensure safe and secure electronic documentation; increased drug administration accuracy; less duplication of diagnostic tests; faster access to patients’ hospital records and an improved patient experience overall.”

As CKHA goes live with the new system, the hospital is asking for patience and understanding from patients and their families and care partners, hospital officials say.

Staff and physicians will now be charting electronically and although individuals have been trained on the systems, the process is new and so patience from our patients, families and care partners will be appreciated.

“I want to thank our patients, their families and care partners for their patience and understanding as we transition to our new system,” stated Dr. Pervez Faruqi, Chief of Staff, CKHA, in a press release.

“Over the next few weeks, wait times may be a little longer as our staff and physicians familiarize themselves with the system. We are confident in our knowledge and ability and have prepared with many hours of training but as with anything new, a bit of time and practice is needed to hone our skills.”

The outcomes of this new system will be lasting for years to come, secure access to hospital information and ensure timely clinical decision-making, hospital officials say.

CKHA is proud to move forward with this next step in improving the patient experience as the organization continues to provide safe, high quality care to the residents of Chatham-Kent, hospital officials added.

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