Saturday, June 3, 2023

Working group for C-K waterways being proposed

A Chatham-Kent Councillor is hoping to establish a working group focused on waterways in Chatham-Kent.

Councillor Melissa Harrigan

West Kent Councillor Melissa Harrigan entered a notice of motion about the concept at the November 9, 2020 electronic Council meeting.

The motion is on the Council agenda for their upcoming meeting, being held on Monday, November 23, 2020.

“Chatham-Kent’s geography includes significant bodies of water, and waterways,” Harrigan said in her motion.

“Among the features that contribute to the attractiveness and livability of the municipality are its lakes, rivers and open spaces.”

Harrigan said there exists a unique “water culture” in Chatham-Kent.

“With various communities working towards establishing goals for their waterfront or water access ways, or celebrating their proximity to water in various ways,” she said in her motion.

“There exists a need to discuss the infrastructure, community, recreation, tourism, and environmental components of CK waterways.”

Harrigan is hoping to have Chatham-Kent establish a working group focused on water in Chatham-Kent, which would be co-chaired by the current chairs of the CK2035 committee and the community development advisory committee.

Harrigan herself is currently the chair of the CK2035 committee, while Wallaceburg Councillor Aaron Hall is the chair of the community development advisory committee.

“This working group will provide opportunity for community stakeholders, staff members, and council to participate in community-based discussions about our approach to our waterways in CK,” Harrigan said in her motion, adding that an open call for interested community members be made for participation on the working group.

Harrigan said she is hoping for the group to begin work by January 2021.

She is also requesting that a report to Council be provided with the recommendations of the
working group, no later than January 2022, though interim reports may be provided.

The November 23, 2020 Council meeting will be held electronically and is set to begin at 6 p.m.

It can be live streamed, here.

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