Tuesday, March 2, 2021

No changes to St. Clair Catholic board of trustees

There will be no changes in the leadership of the Board of Trustees for St. Clair Catholic.

At the initial board meeting, which was held virtually earlier this month, John Van Heck was acclaimed to the position of Chair of the Board and Mat Roop was acclaimed Vice Chair.

Both Van Heck and Roop held the same positions during the 2019 and 2020 terms, school board officials say.

Van Heck, who has been a Catholic Trustee since 2006, has held the position of Chair of the Board for the previous five years.

Trustee Roop will serve his third term as Vice Chair.

In accepting their positions, Van Heck and Roop thanked their fellow Trustees for their continued vote of confidence and expressed their great appreciation to all staff for their leadership and support for students and families in these unusual times of COVID-19.
“We are a Catholic school system, so having hope is never a stretch,” Van Heck said in a media release.

“God always promises to be with us, and He has never given us more than we can handle if we humble ourselves and lean into Him.”

“I have no doubt that in spite of COVID, our amazing leadership team will meet the Board priorities of learning innovation; faith and well being; community partnerships and Catholic citizenship,” stated Roop in a press release.

“It will be my objective to support building a system of Catholic education that is future ready – to serve our students, parents and faith community.”

Elections for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair are held annually at the Board’s December meeting.

The term of office for both positions expires at the end of November 2021.

The Initial Board Meeting began with a virtual prayer serve, which was led by Father Chris Gillespie, pastor of the Holy Redeemer Parish cluster.

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