Sunday, March 7, 2021

Minister of Education visits virtual Grade 7/8 careers class

Considering a career in politics was the topic recently, as Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce joined an online lesson in careers in St. Clair Catholic’s Elementary Remote Learning School.

Minister Lecce was the featured speaker in Brandon Vadovic’s Grade 7-8 class in the online school.

“Young people can make a meaningful difference in our community and country,” said Minister Lecce, in a media release.

“It was motivating to speak to Mr. Vadovic’s students and to encourage them, as the next generation of leaders, to aspire to run in our democracy, to drive positive change, and to leave a legacy.”

Minister Lecce joins a host of other guest speakers since October, including a visual FX artist, publisher, radio/sports personality, medical assistant, dental hygienist and CEO of an energy company.

Students had a variety of questions for Minister Lecce, including what skills are necessary to be an effective politician and how to pursue a career in politics.

He also spoke about the importance of a career in public service.

“It is important as our students consider possible career paths that they hear first hand from leaders in their fields,” Vadovic said in a media release.

“On behalf of my students, I want to thank Mr. Lecce for sharing his knowledge with us.”

Lecce’s commitment to public service was evident in his message to the students, added Deb Crawford, director of education.

“I want to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to accept an invitation to speak to Mr. Vadovic’s class. Who knows – perhaps he has inspired a future Premier of Ontario,” Crawford said in a media release.

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