Dresden volunteers launching ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ during Earth Week

Lynda Weese, Dresden and District Horticultural Society Secretary, and long-time organizer of Dresden pitch-in and clean-ups is asking the entire community to step up this year during Earth Week, 2021.

“Operation Clean Sweep will focus on engaging community volunteers to clean up parks, public spaces, sidewalks and our rural roadways,” Weese said in a press release.

“We have mapped the public spaces and will ask community members to take on clean up responsibility for various areas.”

Respect for the environment and beautification of the community have long been guiding principles for the Dresden and District Horticultural Society, said Liz Kominek, president, adding that this year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Restore the Earth’.

“While our primary focus will be on public areas, we’ll be encouraging neighbourhoods throughout town to start at home and pick up trash and litter on their local streets and sidewalks, being respectful of private property,” Kominek added in a press release.

The organizers hope that by encouraging local participation in Operation Clean Sweep, the community will ‘Make Every Day Earth Day’ and continue to make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of litter throughout the year.

“Dresden Shines when Dresden works together,” said Cindy Brewer, a community booster in Dresden.

“I know the people of Dresden, and volunteering, caring and love of their community is in their heart. Dresden always rises to the challenge. 2020, despite its difficulties, was a stellar year for volunteers in Dresden… just look at the success of the May 16 Miracle, The Gift, Dresden Shines and of course, the Terry Fox Run.”

The Rotary Club of Dresden is also taking part in the initiative.

“During Earth Week, 2021, Rotarians – American and Canadian alike- from Lake Superior to the St. Lawrence River will be participating in the Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Initiative to clean up their communities,” stated Rose Northcott and Stuart Kiar, co-presidents of the Rotary Club.

“Together, acting locally and thinking globally, we all can make a big impact on the health of our communities, waterways and wildlife.”

Organizers added that all activity would involve COVID safety protocols.

More information will be available on Facebook, Instagram (@DresdenShines), the Facebook Event Page and on www.dresden.ca.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email volunteers@dresden.ca.

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