Thursday, September 23, 2021

OPP: Vessel checks near Port Lambton lead to arrests

Lambton OPP officials allege: On two separate occasions this past weekend, members of the Lambton County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) marine unit were conducting vessel checks on the St. Clair River near Port Lambton when they identified individuals with warrants issued for their arrest. In both instances, officers took the individuals into custody without incident.

Lambton County OPP wants to remind boaters that the marine unit focuses primarily on marine safety and sobriety while not responding to marine incidents, our officers are able to utilize all of their standard authorities while on the water as well.

When heading out on the waterways this summer, boaters are also reminded to check their required safety equipment prior to departure. This includes having all of the required equipment and ensuring that it is functional, in case of emergency. An appropriate sized life jacket for every individual on board is mandatory and must be easily accessible, not still in packaging or stored in compartments under other items.

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