Wednesday, June 29, 2022

‘Under One Roof’ campaign raising awareness about PAWR programs

You have heard about Pet and Wildlife (PAW) Rescue, but what does PAW Rescue do besides take in and care for surrendered or abandoned animals?

Probably more than you would have thought.

PAWR officials say its current campaign, Under One Roof, is designed to raise funds and awareness about all the programs and work that the organization does.

What many people don’t know about PAW Rescue is that it operates many programs designed to help both the animals and the community.

For families experiencing financial challenges, PAW Rescue also operates a pet food bank.

On average, PAW Rescue provides over 3,000 lbs. of food to those we need it in the community.

In addition to finding homes for surrendered and abandoned animals through its adoption and foster programs, PAW Rescue provides temporary animal care for pet owners in distress.

If pet owners find themselves in a temporary situation where they can’t care for their animal but don’t want to surrender their pet, PAW Rescue will care for their animals until they can go back to their family.

“When possible, we want to be able to support families who want to keep their pet, but are experiencing difficult times. Through our food bank program and taking care of pets for those who have no place to turn, we hope to keep families together,” said Myriam Armstrong, Operations Manager at PAW Rescue, in a press release.

Encounters with wildlife in Chatham-Kent can be a delight, but at times it can also be an unpleasant experience.

If volunteers or staff are available, PAW Rescue will assist a rescue either by picking up the animals or taking the animal in from the finder and transporting it to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre.

This service is made available with the help of fundraisers and events.

And finally, PAW Rescue is contracted by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to provide animal control and pound services for the county.

This contract involves PAW Rescue enforcing the Responsible Animal Ownership By-Law and the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

Enforcing these by-laws support PAW Rescue’s mission to raise animal care standards in Chatham-Kent.

If you would like to donate to Pet and Wildlife Rescue’s Under One Roof campaign, visit

If you suspect animal abuse or neglect, please call Animal Welfare at 1-833-926-4625.

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