Friday, August 12, 2022

Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Have a stray cat and not sure what to do?
🐱 Deter them from your property by…
✔️Removing the cats food sources. Use tight-fitting lids to seal trash cans.
✔️Fencing off any small openings under porches or decks. If cats gather in an area on your property, figure out what they are using for shelter and block the access to it.
✔️Spraying your yard with cat repellent.
✔️Using a motion-sensing sprinkler.
✔️Tossing citrus fruit peels directly into your garden. Cats do not like the smell and taste of citrus.
✔️Planting herbs and botanical plants that cats find unpleasant such as lavender, lemon thyme, rue and pennyroyal.
✔️Sprinkling ground black pepper around areas where cats congregate.
✔️Using motion-activated ultrasonic devices.
🐱 Bring them into the Chatham-Kent animal shelter. PAWR provides free intake for stray cats and works hard to rehome them.
Questions? Call PAWR at 226-996-9969 or email
For more information, CLICK HERE.

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