What to know for Monday at The Black Goose

A few important things about Monday at the Goose.
1. It is our 49th annual Salvation Army/Pantry Dinner.
2. We are not open for breakfast as we are busy prepping.
3. We are sold out for eat-in and takeout. 590 meals.
4. Only customers that pay by cheque or leave their mailing info
will receive a tax receipt.
5. We want to thank Maple City Bakery, Sysco, GFS, Kent Sanitation,
Morton Wholesale and 99.1 for their assistance with this project.
We are on track for a $10,000+++ day.
6. When picking up, please enter through the takeout entrance and
exit through the pub door. This will keep things flowing nicely,
minimizing wait times.
7. All people eating in are required to fill out a sheet at the table.
One per table is fine.
8. Salvation Army will be have people here but there will be no
kettle. Money is collected by our staff, totaled, and a cheque
will be cut to the pantry and to Salvation Army Wednesday so
the funds can be used to Christmas baskets for those in our
9. We have donations as small as a dollar and as large as $1,000.00,
and we truly appreciate each and every one of them. Many of
the meal recipients are those in need.
On behalf of the Childs Family, thank you for your continued support with this project.

One final thing, the roast beef is the only beef being served at the Goose tomorrow so if you have a reservation and are thinking there are other options, there are not. Beef, mashed, gravy, corn, roll, butter, soup (eat in only) and pie.

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