Fresh start

From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

Today marks the most important day on the Christian calendar, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, also known as Easter.

God’s perfect plan for mankind as set forth in the Bible is null and void without the powerful message that Jesus is no longer dead.

Today is a fresh start of sorts for people of faith.

Fresh starts are so revitalizing for us.

If we look back on our lives, how many times would we like to say, “I’d like to have a ‘do over’, please!”

Perhaps, then, today is a perfect time for you to make a claim on exactly that request.

The winter is past, and spring is here.

The glorious message of Christ’s resurrection heralds the promise of a new day for us.

Why not take firm grasp of this opportunity and get a fresh start?

Perhaps there is someone you have been at odds with for some time?

Take a ‘do over.’

A promise to visit an elderly family member not fulfilled?

Take a ‘do over.’

Missed someone’s birthday?

Forgot an anniversary?

Left a situation unresolved?

Do over, do over, do over.

It’s not too late.

Christ is risen and you have a fresh start.

Begin by attending the church of your choice today and hearing the good news that Christ has risen!

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