Cold Drinks
Can of pop $1.25
can of iced tea $1.50
500ml Water $1.00
Hot Drinks
16oz Coffee $2.00
16oz Loose Tea $2.50
hst included

This week buy a 100g bag of Loose Tea at the regular price and get a 2nd 100g bag of Loose Tea mix or match of equal value or less at 50% Off! It’s make your own Wambo tea sale this week at CK Spices, Coffee & Teas. Sale ends Saturday, August 12th at 4pm.

Pick any Loose Tea and get 10%OFF this week. Sale applies to 100g bags of Loose Tea only. Summer is here and it’s a great time to stock up on your favorite Loose Teas or makes a great gift too! Sale ends Saturday, July, 22nd at 4 pm. Great time to make great tasting Iced Teas from Loose Teas!
10% Off a 2 Quarts (1.89l ) Takeya Iced Tea Maker this week! Loose Teas make great Iced Teas.

We also bake from scratch Custom Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies too!
Have you tried Loose Tea? CK Spices, Coffee & Teas is located at 217 Creek Street downtown Wallaceburg. We have free customer parking on the right side of the building. CK Spices, Coffee & Teas is your Tea Accessories Headquarters including Travel Mugs, Tea Pots, Mugs, Loose Tea Infusers, Loose Tea, paper filters & more. Why not have a tea party? Gift Certificates available from $15.00 & up.

We have a selection of over 45 Loose Teas to choose from, come and check us out!
List of Loose Teas Available at CK Spices, Coffee & Teas!
Maple Black Tea
Earl Grey Black Tea
Black Currant Black Tea
Masala Chai Tea with Ceylonese OP
China Jasmine Tea (Semi Fermented)
Honeybush Raspberry
Yerba Mate Spicy Orange
Sencha Echinacea
Sencha Moring Dew
Organic China Green Tea
Good Night Tea
Apple Cinnamon Fruit Tea
Pina Colada Fruit Tea
Strawberry Fruit Tea
Blueberry Fruit Tea
Ginger Lime Fruit Tea
Hibiscus Flower
Refreshing Mint (Herbal)
Mediterranean Green Tea
Earl Gray Classic Tea
Organic Chamomile Blossoms
Nettle Leaves Tea
Rooibos – Mate Chocolate
Formosa Jade Oolong
Courtlodge Estate Tea
Cherry (Black)
Cranberry (Black)
Pai Mu Tan (White)
Vanilla Cream Tea (black)
Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling
Earl Grey Cream
Steinthal Organic Black Tea
Organic Green Gunpowder
Mango Mist (black)
Finest Chinese Pu-erh
Sencha Echinacea
Canadian Breakfast
Good Night (Herbal Infusion)
Natural Rooibos
After 7 (Chocolate Mint)
Rooibos Honeybush Raspberry
Raspberrye Leaves
Whole Fruit Rooibos Tea
Yerba Mate Mango
Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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CK Spices, Coffee & Teas offers Unpasteurized Pure Ontario Honey from Honey-Do Honey, it is an Ontario
No. 1 Golden Honey. We have had requests for Unpasteurized Honey. Stop in and pick some up!
We have 500g Liquid Honey & Creamed 500g in Regular, Lemon, Cinnamon & Blueberry.
Check out our website

Las Chicas Del Café Gourmet Coffee! They come in 454g (1lb) bags. Available in Ground & Whole Bean!
They are a small family Gourmet Coffee roaster located in St. Thomas, Ontario.
We have: Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Light/Classic Breakfast Roast. A light roast that delivers a great first impression of bright flavours and clean aftertaste.
Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Medium/City Roast. A light roast that delivers a great first impression of bright flavours and clean aftertaste.
Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Dark/Continental Roast.

We also have a Selection of Las Chicas Del Café Flavored Gourmet Coffee available in Ground only:
Autumn Spice & Hazelnut.
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We are located at 217 Creek Street, Downtown Wallaceburg.
You can call us at 519-397-0912 or
Like us on facebook!

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5:30pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm

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