(Alicia Allaer)

The Wallaceburg Wolves remained undefeated on Wednesday night with a lopsided win over a team of community members at Kinsmen Park in Wallaceburg. The third annual game, hosted by Community Living Wallaceburg, featured many smiles, laughs and fun for the participants and spectators.

“There were so many smiles here today,” Aaron VanDorsselaer, who has coached the Wolves for over 10 years, told the Sydenham Current after the game.

“It helps when we have the fans supporting us here too. It really urges the players on and they support each other too. It was a great night.”

VanDorsselaer said he is always overcome by emotion following the game.

“To see how big this has become… when I started out we had eight players and it became a love of just baseball… and we grow, and we grow and the community supports us more and more,” he said.

“I love being a part of that. That is what my feeling is, I’m so proud to be from Wallaceburg.”

VanDorsselaer said the team practices every Tuesday in the summer and they will work on getting another win next season.

“We’ve got to come back and win again next year,” he said.

“We’ll practice hard all year and we’ll win this game again. I’m so thankful to have every person that played on the (community) team. It’s amazing to see all the people that come out. Business owners, council members, I’m just proud to be from Wallaceburg on a night like tonight.”

The presenting sponsors for the event were TV Cogeco and YourTV Chatham.

The play-by-play and announcing duties were handled by 99.1’s Greg Hetherington and the Sydenham Current’s Aaron Hall.