Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chatham-Kent Council: June 10, 2019 recap (Video)

Chatham-Kent Council met for a regular/planning meeting on Monday night, June 10, 2019.

A link to the full agenda can be seen, here.

Here is a recap of the meeting:

– Council approved a report on the Continuous Improvement and Red Tape Reduction initiative.

– Rob Nelson provided a deputation about

– A motion by South Kent Councillor Anthony Ceccacci about the reconsideration of vesting 75 Dell Street in Wallaceburg was approved.

– Wallaceburg Councillor Aaron Hall entered a notice of motion regarding funding for the Wallaceburg Canada Day festivities.

– West Kent Councillor Melissa Harrigan entered a notice of motion regarding beautification initiatives in Chatham-Kent.

– The following motion by West Kent Councillor Mark Authier was approved: “That Council direct that the $2,500 for the Merlin Legion be reviewed by staff/committee and considered for funding with the other applications and that staff review the process and offer to review applications that had issues with the application process.”

– Victoria Bodnar, Coordinator Resident Attraction and Retention and the CKy Advisory Group) provided a presentation about the CKy – CK to the Power of Young People (aged 15-39) Initiative Update.

– A motion by South Kent Councillor Trevor Thompson about the Special Events Process was approved.

– A motion by West Kent Councillor Mark Authier about the Talbot Trail Water Front Properties was deferred until next spring.

– An announcement was made about the Agricultural Hall of Fame 2019 inductees by Peter Hensel.

– A planning item for a consent and zoning by-law amendment at 6135 Talbot Trail in Raleigh was approved.

– Mayor Darrin Canniff made two announcement about road closings on South Talbot Road and Robinson Road, between Concessions 3 and 4, in Dresden. Both items were approved.

– Council received information reports on the following: Corporate Annual Report 2018 and Chatham-Kent Marketing Initiatives Update.

– An information report about United Way campaigns was deferred.

– The following tender award contracts were approved: Pedestrian Signal Installations in Blenheim and Tilbury, Rehabilitation of the Wheatley Road Bridge over Campbell Sideroad Drain and the Rehabilitation of Esterville Road and Kent Line Bridges over Long’s Creek in Camden.

– A report on Community Meetings Information and Recommendations – Grant Information was referred back to staff, after the United Way and the Chatham-Kent Non-Profit Network provided a deputation about a similar program they are involved with.

– An application for Site Plan Control of Charron Warehousing Inc., located at 170 Bothwell Street in Chatham was approved.

– A couple of items were approved regarding the Ontario Heritage Act, including: designating 9388 Cedar Hedge Line in Chatham Township and a request to demolish the building located at 68 London Road in Thamesville.

– A report on Encroachment – Roadway Abutting 88 Grand Avenue East in Chatham was approved.

– Council also met in Closed Session to discuss proposed disposition of land by the municipality with regard to Offer to Purchase – JM Controls & Electric Ltd., to receive legal advice with regard to 75 Dell Street in Wallaceburg, Talbot Trail Water Front Properties and grass cutting contracts in Chatham-Kent.

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