Monday, June 1, 2020

Go vote… it only takes 10 minutes

Vote - voting station AA Wright Wallaceburg

I hopped in my car at 10:15 a.m. and was back in front of my laptop at 10:25 a.m.

In that time I managed to take part in one of the fundamental rights we have as Canadians and as residents here in Ontario.

As I was driving over to cast my vote at the polling station located at A.A. Wright Public School in Wallaceburg, I had a lot of thoughts go through my mind.

A lot of the issues that have come up in this provincial election made me stop and think about what was important to me and what my views were on certain issues.

It was ironic that I was heading to A.A. Wright to go vote, as my oldest daughter was sitting in the same building learning and having fun in her Grade 3 classroom. I want both my children to have the best possible options and programs available to them as they grow and continue on through school.

I thought about the Sydenham District Hospital that is located across town. I wondered about its future, how important it is to have our Emergency Room in Wallaceburg and how great it would be to have a brand new facility in town someday.

I also thought about the reality of not having a family doctor myself, but was satisfied knowing that groups like the Chatham-Kent Family Health Team are working hard to ensure people like myself have an opportunity once again to have a local family doctor.

I thought about the night before how I met with a Wallaceburg man who was passionate about trying to clean up our streets and community of needles and drugs. I also thought about the people with those needles… how can we help them?

I thought about the dozens of wind turbines located outside of town towards Mitchell’s Bay.

I thought about our clients in Wallaceburg and Dresden, the local businesses in our community, and how they can continue to succeed and improve.

And as I walked up into the school, and spoke with the nice women who were working at the polling stations, I thought up one last time who I was going to vote for.

Issues and views aside, I found one element in this election that helped me decide who I would vote for.

It’s not written on paper, on a website or heard on a commercial.

It’s the human element.

How does the candidate carry themselves?

Do I want this person representing me?

Would I trust this person to take my concerns and issues and voice them on my behalf at Queen’s Park?

When looking at it this way, it helped make it more clear for me.

However, being informed about the issues, the candidates and the parties views is still essential.

I have to thank the sponsors of our election page for their support:

North Kent Mutual Insurance

George Langstaff and Sons Construction

Canadian Tire in Wallaceburg

– and McNaughton Family Dental

Their support helped us dedicate time and energy to helping you become informed. make sure you support them as well!

The polls are now open and will remain open until 9 p.m.

Make your vote count, it’s your right and it is your privilege.

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