Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Dresden Exhibition Finishes up for 2014

Another beautiful day brings the end of this years’ Dresden Exhibition. With a high of 26 °C and severe thunderstorm warnings, the Exhibition managed to hold off the rain as many gathered at the Dresden Raceway and Midway to celebrate the final day of the weekend festivities.

There were few periods of light spitting from the rain but the sun kept shining, the horses kept racing and the rides kept bringing smiles to the many children on the Midway rides.

The Dresden Raceway had a good turnout for the day joined by various local businesses from the area sponsoring a variety of prizes for the audience. Giveaways of betting vouchers, gift certificates and baskets, lawn chairs and specialty items were drawn after each race.

Throughout the Midway today many people said their experience overall this year was filled with variety, good food and great memories at the Dresden Exhibition.

A group of young friends talked with the Sydenham Current on their favorite parts about the day.

Emma Patterson said, “I Love the rides! Mine was definitely the rollercoaster. We’ve been here since 10:30 this morning and it was really fun”.

Zayda Sprik said, “I’m happy it was nice out today so we could be here longer”. After going on rides constantly Zayda also said she enjoyed a lot of the food that the vendors offered at the Midway. “The food was really good,” she said. “I got some popcorn and candy with some sour keys and I really liked them. It was good”.

Elyse Sprik Said “ We just came for the day today and I would have to say that the Spider ride was my favourite one”.

The Midway starting packing up today around 4 p.m. but there were still a few people trying to get their last walk through in the park. As the evening rolled around the rainfall came down as Southern Ontario was hit hard not affecting the festivities since they were finished for the day.

The 139th annual Dresden Exhibition has concluded. Appreciation goes out to everyone in the community and surrounding areas who supported and those who dedicated time to making this year a successful weekend.  Next summer be prepared for the 140th!

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