Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Three minutes and fifty one seconds

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Three minutes and fifty one seconds – that is the exact time is took me to vote online in the Chatham-Kent municipal election.

It was a very simple process.

I had to type in my voter identification card number a couple of times, enter my name and address and e-mail, sign up for a PIN number, cast my votes, and done.

It was safe, simple, secure and I did so while listening to Pearl Jam in my headphones and sipping my coffee in the comfort of my home office.

Leading up to the election, I was skeptical that the voter turnout in the municipality would improve from the pathetic 39 per cent in 2010.

However, with this new Internet voting option – there really should be no excuses to show a vast improvement in turnout.

I would love to see our friends at the Chatham Voice reach their “50 per cent plus one” target, and beyond.

We at the Sydenham Current have provided a ton of information and commentary from the North Kent and Wallaceburg council candidates and from the mayoral candidates as well, with our No Bull feature.

Once you have become informed, please take the three minutes and fifty two seconds it takes to cast your vote.

Do your part to help shape the future of Chatham-Kent!

Click this link to VOTE!

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  1. I think it took me less than 3 minutes, but it is a very simple process even for a guy who is not computer savvy.

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