Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Carmen McGregor – Ward 5, Wallaceburg


“My vision for Wallaceburg is ‘An age friendly community that actively thrives and supports sustainable jobs, continued growth and youth retaining strategies.’

I am running for municipal council because I believe that my experience and desire to serve will be of benefit to my community.

I would like to advocate on behalf of our local businesses and my community while once again engaging them in the decision making process.

I am married with four children and five grandchildren.

Currently I work part-time for my husband’s law firm.

I owned and operated two local businesses in the past.

I have been a Public School Board Trustee for the past nine years; Chair for three and Vice for two.

I volunteer and sit on many boards within my community. (”

* Biographies were submitted by all Ward 4 and Ward 5 candidates to the Wallaceburg and District Chamber of Commerce.

Here are all of Carmen McGregor’s responses in our No Bull feature:

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