Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mayoral and Wallaceburg candidates pack Adult Activity Centre

All seven mayoral candidates, and all four Wallaceburg candidates were on hand Wednesday at the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre for an election meet-and-greet.

Cheryl Burrage, coordinator at the centre, said she was hoping to help their membership (approximately 700 members) put a face with the names on the ballot.

“My husband and I are fairly new to Wallaceburg ourselves,” she said. “I took this position about a year ago and a lot of members have come in recently and said they are new to Wallaceburg and they didn’t know anybody that was running for Councillor or mayor. They said they wouldn’t know one on the street if they met them and I wouldn’t either.”

Burrage added: “They asked me who I would vote for and I told them the same thing, I don’t know anyone and I wouldn’t recognize most of the people running for mayor. The people running for Councillor, I recognize thankfully due to this job. A lot of our members wanted to meet the people that were running for the different positions and I thought it would be a great opportunity to invite each and every one to come.”

She said the turnout was fantastic, both from the candidates and the members.

“All of the candidates came, which I am grateful for,” she said. “It has been fabulous, a great turnout, I’m very pleased.”

Burrage said she believes this event will help everyone decide who they will vote for.

“I know it has helped my husband and myself,” she said. “I now can put a face to the name and have gotten some important information from them. I know several of the people who are here are the new members, are new to town, and I know it certainly helped make their decision.”

Election day is Monday, Oct. 27.

A reminder – you can continue to get informed about the candidates for Ward 4, Ward 5 and for mayor by listening to our audio files in our No Bull feature!

Here are some photos from Wednesday’s event:

Randy Hope

Ian McLarty

Marjorie Crew

Reno Lachapelle

John Willatt

William Arends

Jeff Wesley

Jeff Bultje

Sheldon Parsons

Carmen McGregor

Steve Brent

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