Chatham-Kent Election 2014



The Sydenham Current interviewed all the candidates running for mayor, for Ward 5 councillor and for Ward 4 councillor as well.

We asked them each 10 questions and they had one-minute to respond.

We have posted all of the audio of the answers and here are the links to the specific pages:

1 – Jobs and Economic Development

Question: “Give an example how you specifically plan to improve economic development in the community?”

No Bull: Jobs / Economic Development

2- Mayor’s and Councillor’s Role

Question: “What do you feel your job description is as (Mayor/Councillor)?”

No Bull: Role of Mayor and Councillor

3 – The Chatham-Kent Budget

Question: “Each year, Chatham-Kent council deliberates a multi-million dollar budget and subsequently the community operates every day with those budget guidelines. Cuts are always debated, and sometimes approved and sometimes turned aside. If you had to make a major cut, where would it come from?”

No Bull: Chatham-Kent Budget cuts

4 – Illegal drugs in Chatham-Kent

Question: “With police reports routinely containing drugs busts and drug-related arrests and social media chatter and discussion among the community often talking about “the drug problem” in the community… what is your stance on this? Is there a problem and can this be fixed?”

No Bull: Illegal drugs in Chatham-Kent

5 – Ward boundaries and size of council

Question: “A corporate review of the Municipality was conducted a few years ago, where some options were posed to council, which included: reducing the size of council and changing Ward boundaries. Would you want to see either of these changes implemented in the future?”

No Bull: Ward boundaries and size of council

6 – Municipal service review

Question: “The Municipal service review was a practice that started recently in Chatham-Kent. Do you feel any cost savings was achieved with this process and is this service review something that should continue?”

No Bull: Chatham-Kent Municipal Service Review

7 – Healthcare

Question: “Healthcare has been a hot-topic over the years with the Sydenham Campus, provincial cuts, physician recruitment and healthcare services provided in the community with more of a team approach. What can you do if elected to ensure the community receives good, quality, healthcare?”

No Bull: Healthcare

8 – Agriculture across Chatham-Kent

Question: “Agriculture is big business in Chatham-Kent; with green houses, value added agriculture and processing, exporting and agri-business. How do you plan on supporting the Ag. sector?”

No Bull: Agriculture across Chatham-Kent

9 – Candidates weaknesses

Question: “What are your weaknesses?”

No Bull: Candidates weaknesses

10 – Tourism

Question: “What are your ideas to increase tourism in the community (your Ward)?”

No Bull: Tourism in Chatham-Kent