Wednesday, April 1, 2020

North Kent candidates gather at Czech Hall

About 35 people gathered inside the Old Czech Hall in Dresden for an all-candidates forum for Ward 4 – North Kent.

Dresden resident Joseph Grootenboer, owner of River Bell Market Garden in Dresden, was the person who spearheaded the event, which was attended by all four Ward 4 candidates: Gary Clarkson, Joe Faas, Leon Leclair and Marc Reid.

“Early on in the season of campaigning I was looking for a forum, a meeting like this,” he said. “There hadn’t been one. There were the radio debates, but nothing personal. I thought there was a need so we thought we’d do it.”

Grootenboer said they shared a couple questions with the candidates ahead if time, along with taking questions from the floor.

Grootenboer said he was hoping for answers surrounding various issues, like: taxes, cuts, infrastructure, different services, spending… “everything that has seemed to matter.

“We wanted to talk about Dresden, Ward 4 versus the city and how to balance that. That is a topic that we think it important,” he said.

Election day is Monday, Oct. 27.

A reminder – you can continue to get informed about the candidates for Ward 4, Ward 5 and for mayor by listening to our audio files in our No Bull feature!

Here are some photos from Wednesday’s event:


Gary Clarkson


Marc Reid

Joe Faas

Leon Leclair


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