Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Wesley ‘humbled’ by re-election in Wallaceburg

Jeff Wesley

Wallaceburg Coun. Jeff Wesley said he is “humbled” by the support from the Wallaceburg community after being re-elected to represent Ward 5 on Chatham-Kent council.

“The people of Wallaceburg have been so good to me over the last 20 years,” he said. “I want the community to understand that this really does mean a lot to me. It really touches me. Everything that I am able to do is because of the community supporting me. We’re like a team and it’s like a partnership.”

Wesley added: “If I didn’t have their support I wouldn’t be able to go out there and fight for the hospital and the pool and the bridge and the things like that, because I wouldn’t have the mandate. But they have given me another mandate and I am going to work just as hard as I have ever worked to make them proud of the fact they have did that. Good things we’re going to keep working towards. It’s very humbling.”

Wesley gathered the most votes in Wallaceburg with 2383, good for 43.99% of the vote.

Wesley said he is going to look into repairing some roads across Wallaceburg, will be chairing the Sydenham District Hospital Board, and will be keeping an eye on the Lou Stonehouse bridge repair project, taking place in 2015.

“This is much more than just a bridge repair,” Wesley said. “We’re going to make that area a centerpiece for the town with lots of volunteer help.”

Wesley added: “Another thing is to be aware of issues and stand up for Wallaceburg. I was already talking to Carmen (McGregor) and we’re going to get together and talk about issues and hit the ground running. I feel bad for Sheldon. He’s be a long time supporter of Wallaceburg. He’s somebody I’ve worked with very well over the past four years. A lot of people fdon’t know, Sheldon and I go a long way back, he was the clerk when I was mayor in Wallaceburg. But Carmen and I grew up in the same neighbourhood… my best friend when I was young was her brother Brian (Armitage) and we’re friends to this day.”

This will be Wesley’s second straight term on Chatham-Kent council and third overall, after serving on the original council back in 1998.

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