Sunday, May 31, 2020

2015 Ford F150 strips down, goes aluminum

The 2015 Ford F150 has continued on with its legacy as the best truck in Canada.

And you don’t have go outside of Wallaceburg to pick one up.

“The all new 2015 F150 is completely made of an aluminium shell as opposed to steel from the previous years. It is the first truck to go completely aluminium,” said Jered Sweet, general sales manager at Progressive Ford in Wallaceburg.

“What that does for you is it gives you a truck that is 732 lbs. lighter than it was last year. It allows us to use thicker metal, so the actual skin on the truck is thicker than it was before, but lighter, which makes it a little tougher and gives you better fuel economy. You can tow more and you can have more payload in the truck because it is actually lighter.”

Sweet said another big advantage of the new F150 is that it will not rust.

“Every outside panel, they can corrode but no red rust or holes. There is no actual body repairs. That’s probably the biggest feature of the vehicle other than they ride extremely well. For those that have the older models, we have always been known for an amazing riding truck but we have managed to improve that this year as well. It’s quieter, it’s just an unbelievable vehicle and it’s 49 years in a row the best truck in Canada. I think we are well on our way for 50.

Sweet said truck sales are up again this year.

“We have been averaging between 15 – 18 F150’s a month out here. It’s been exciting. It has been hard to stock them with the demand of them. We had a few months where we didn’t have many to look at but we are starting to get some stock now and we plan on keeping 25-30 in stock at all times if we can.”

Sweet said there are different option to choose from with the F150 as well.

“You can come in and get a regular cab, three seater basic truck or you can get a crew cab completely equipped with all the latest technologies and features. The price range varies. You are looking from $25,000 – $75,000 depending on what you want, chances are we make it.

Sweet added: “When you get up to the higher end models its more like a luxury sedan now. They have tons of room and the features are just incredible from the voice activated sync systems, voice activated telephone and navigation systems, air conditioned seats, adaptive cruise control, which will actually keep the gap between you and the vehicle in front of you by applying the brakes when needed. It’s got 360 degree camera parking, automatic parking. Some people don’t like to have all of those features on their vehicle, we still make a fairly simple truck as well.”

Sweet said the truck really stands out.

“If you try the competition and come try this truck, you will notice a huge difference the moment you get in it.”

Progressive Ford is located at 6975 Base Line in Wallaceburg.

They can be reached at 519-627-3400 or online at

Here are some photos of the 2015 Ford F150:






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