Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Volunteers wanted at Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre

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Without volunteers the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre just couldn’t run.

Pete Hensel, president of the board, said with the variety of events taking place in the evenings, it would be nice to have more members stepping up to collect money and help.

“It would be nice that there is someone other than the instructor, who has enough to do otherwise, who would look after those things. You know if we had a person who say looks after cribbage when it’s played, a member who looks after euchre when it’s played, it would be nice if we had someone to look after the exercise classes so that when they are taking place, so the instructor can worry about preparing themselves for the class that they are going to have and not be bothered with it.”

Hensel said there are other things to volunteer for.

“There is WAMBO, the dinners, bake sales and other things that we do,” he said.

“For WAMBO we have a barbecue, a bake sale going on that day and in the past we have also sold pie and ice cream. We also do a bingo down at the Kinsmen Club so we need volunteers for that. Cheryl is so busy with the Centre being booked every day and a lot of evenings, her time would be better spent booking those things and other things she has to do in the office instead of things like checking memberships, filling up the hand sanitizer and the soap. There is always lots of things to do for volunteers.”

Hensel said in Chatham it is run a little bit different.

“When someone walks in there a volunteer that checks to make sure they are members, makes sure they put their $2 in and that kind of thing for being in the facility. That shouldn’t be the job of the coordinator.”

Hensel said to volunteer, right now you would contact Cheryl Burrage.

To volunteer people can call 519-627-6224 or they can email

“They can volunteer for a lot of things in the actual running of the Centre but they can’t run all the programs and everything that goes on to that Centre as well. We have to have outside help. It’s not up to the 12 people to volunteer for everything.”

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre is located at 205 James St. in Wallaceburg. Give them a call at 519-627-6224 or give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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