Monday, January 30, 2023

A letter from Ralph


Ralph came to the Wallaceburg Animal Shelter in July, 2015 after being lost from the Dresden Area.

He has since been a adopted to a new furever home and is very happy and loved with his new family. Recently Susan, who runs the shelter, received a letter from Ralph to let her know how he is doing and she was so happy she wanted to share it!

Dear Susan,

I just wanted to write to say thank you for allowing Terry and Leeanne to take me home. I love them and they love me.

I am obeying and learning new tricks, like sitting until my leash is being put on and off. I try and sit when they take my leash out even before they ask. They make me wait to make sure that I am not too excited before I go outside. They tell me all the time that I am a good boy.

They even took me to a place called Pet Smart or Pets Mart… not sure, anyways I got pampered for two whole hours. Boy did I like that. I think I will be going in about six weeks again. I also got a report card from Zha Zha on how good I was. Leeanne copied it for me so that I can give you a copy!

I went to our neighbours and there were other dogs there; just like at the shelter, but they were not in cages. I did pull on my leash , but I was so excited. Minnie, a black poodle,who I am told doesn’t act very good with the other dogs was really good with me. There was another dog Rex. He is a cocker spaniel. We greeted each other but he kept growling at me. I was told that he was attacked last summer. We will be friends soon because he was waiting outside for me when we went for a walk.

Speaking of walks, I go for several walks a day. Leeanne walks at a much slower pace then Terry when she takes me for a walk. I do not pull at all.

Terry is my Dad and my best friend. He walks faster and yesterday he jogged for a bit ( I am not sure I liked that very much! lol ). They brush me every night, wipe my face with something call hypogenic baby wipes so it won’t hurt my eyes (they are already looking better ), and putting stuff on my elbows ( they aren’t as itchy ).

Well I better go for now. It is time for bed. I do not sleep in the same bed , but I was given a comfortable place to sleep.

Thank you again Susan, I will keep in touch so that you know how good I am doing. I also put a picture that Terry took of me so that you will always remember me and how truly important you are an what you are doing.

Always grateful,





If you would like more information about the Wallaceburg Animal Shelter please contact them at:

105 Arnold Street
Wallaceburg, Ontario N8A 3P3
Phone (519) 627-6722


  1. I am so happy and relieved that someone like Ralph can get a beautiful home with loving parents. They sound like responsible dog owners. It does my heart good when I hear of such terrific results. Way to go Susan and Ralph’s parents!

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