Saturday, October 24, 2020

Poll: Should everyone be a ‘winner’ in youth sports?

Should everyone be a ‘winner’ when it comes to youth sports?

One of our columnists Pastor Brian Horrobin discussed this issue in his latest article.

After coaching his youngest son’s soccer team, he was not impressed that they were not allowed to keep score, and that everyone was declared a winner.

Pastor Horrobin did not agree with this concept, and he illustrates his reasons in his column (read the full story here.)

Many people have taken to social media with their opinions on this issue as well, but we wanted to get some extra insight.

Please leave a comment below and vote in our poll question as well.


  1. Although I like the idea of fair play, life is not fair. There are winners and losers in our life everyday; why not learn this from a young age?

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